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Our playgroup programs are broken down into 3 age groups, Infant, Toddler and Tot. In each class, your child will participate in exploratory play, sensory play, musical play, language play and movement activities in preschool environment. Our new purpose-built facilities support and stimulate children's physical and whole brain development by providing them an opportunity to touch, explore and experience things for themselves. In addition, in order to adjust and accommodate our program to each child's developmental progress, children will be constantly monitored across 5 main domains: communications, gross-motor, fine motor, problem solving ability and personal social skills. Parent education and sharing sessions will also play a critical component of each program. Ultimately, our programs are designed to help children's transition towards developmental preschool program.

Class Name / Description

Infant Class

Through our designed curriculum, infants will be able to strengthen their gross motor and fine motor skills which will p ...

8-12 Months

Toddler Class

Our Toddler classes will continue to build on from our Infant classes which will further strengthen our children’s motor ...

12 - 18 months

Tot Class

Our Tot classes will be focused more on being independence, exploring the world around them through logically thinking a ...

18 - 28 months